söndag 7 maj 2017

Expectations on module 5, costumers experience room

This time, I can´t make up my mind if I will find this module interesting or not. Will the focus on the costumers and employees experience room be too detailed to tickle me? Or will I find new ways to improve my work and the expectations and experiences of our service?

At the moment I am a bit full, having so many new impressions from this course, areas to develop at work related to what we already have learned . Will it be possible to reload?
I hope so. Or, I think so. It is a bit uphill at the moment, but when I dive into the subject, I know I will be captured by my curiosity.

Bitners text (Journal of Marketing, april 1992) is is interesting: what behaviors would we like to achieve with our servicescape? How is our servicescape created today? Is it supporting our goals?

I think I will have interesting discussions at home as well during this module, as I am living with a HR-manager who has the employees perspective near at hand.

So: onwards and upwards!

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  1. Thank you for stating this! I feel very much the same way, perhaps because it's not directly applicable to our operations :-)
    On the other hand, I think this might be one of the most important fields from a providers point of view. I'm thinking a scenario where a customer is receiving terrible customer service yet the ambience and servicescape is fantastic and the customer keeps coming back for this reason. Some parallels can even be drawn to your experience as a tourist, having a bad experience in Stockholm old town won't necessarily keep you from coming back.

    1. Many thanks for your input, Erik! :) I agree, I quite often come back to places where the servicescape is fantastic, but the service is a bit poor. But I spend less money there, maybe just buying a drink instead of a full meal. A servicescape that is more congruent will make me more pleased, loyal and willing to spend time/money and trust.
      Do you agree? :)